The first stage of the competition has been a complete success and a number of community members have shown their impeccable knowledge of Kattana in particular and Defi in general now that the quiz part has ended, we are pleased to announce the next, very important stage in the development of the Samurai’s Path — Kattana ambassador program.

The next stage of the competition will be a bit easier, and will only require you the be following the official Kattana Twitter and to have a bit of creativity.

Starting 23/07/21 at a random time a tweet will be published from…

We have seen so much positive feedback and interest in Kattana’s trading terminal. For it to truly be the one-stop-shop for all the users trading, we want to go the extra mile to truly perfect it.

Having colossal experience in developing a trading terminal for centralized exchanges, we were ready to face all the complexities and difficulties of creating a unique and uncompromising terminal for working with DEXs.

Working with different chains is an undeniably difficult task: the lack of infrastructure, the difference in the rules and time settings of different networks (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon Network, Elrond Network, and others)…

Dear Samurais, while on the incredible journey to the top of Mount Fuji a new and even more chapter is unfolding, an exciting event to find real and loyal companions and to have the most elite community members the — Kattana Samurai.

We infinitely appreciate the activity of each of you and now you can receive awards for your support and faith in the project. The program is designed for the most active members of Kattana’s community who are able to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the project.

As part of the program, several contests will be…

With many wondering what using Kattana will be like, we’d like to share with you our vision of what a trader’s typical day with the Kattana Terminal would look like.

9 AM

Log into Kattana at home or office. Cup of coffee in hand. Quickly review market news in general and those tagged specifically to the trader’s interests.

9:15 AM

Opens up all the charts he needs for all the cryptocurrencies he is following (up to 8 different graphics on one screen)

Check limit orders. Adjust a couple based on the market news the trader just read.


Research on…

The Mount fuji ascent continues, and the trip becomes even more interesting and exciting with new partners joining the adventure like DAFI Protocol the service that reinvents the way every decentralized network is rewarded a truly novel way to look at Defi.

More information:

  • DAFI Protocol and Kattana are partnering to introduce a new staking model for the Kattana ecosystem.
  • The new model will issue network pegged synthetic tokens dKTN token.

These synthetic tokens are designed to be algorithmically pegged to the demand for $KTN.

Some possible benefits of dKTN

Kattana’s native token $KTN is used inside the platform, as…

Konichiwa noble samurai!

As you may have heard/seen Kattana has announced the future integration of Polygon the new and innovative blockchain into the already rich list of supported chains.

Today we are excited to announce the upcoming addition of Dfyn on Polygon, to truly expand the number of supported exchanges and bring professional trading tools and high-quality charts to the Dfyn users, which will certainly be beneficial to the Defi scene as a whole and to the traders in particular.

“For DeFi to become institutional friendly and appealing to large corporations, it’s important to offer them sophisticated trading tools and…

Konichiwa noble samurais!

Any terminal worthy of the “Bloomberg Terminal of DeFi” moniker should work with more than one network, right? And so Kattana is excited to continue its ascent to the top of Mt. Fuji with Polygon.

More details:

Since the main goal is to make Kattana a unique one-stop trading platform, it has to be operational in more than one chain. To make DeFi development easier not just for developers of one or two chains but in the entire ecosystem.

  • Kattana will also support the decentralized exchanges that are built on Polygon.
  • This opens up even more possibilities for our…

Konichiwa noble samurais!

Today we have taken a significant step in our climb towards the top of Mt Fuji thanks to the partnership with Covalent. Covalent will simplify DeFi interaction for Kattana’s samurais by bringing in a unified API that brings visibility to billions of blockchain data points.

More details:

Kattana’s main goal remains to provide its Samurais as many weapons as possible to take down the DeFi monster. Insights = results and the Covalent partnership will help enhance the quality of the data shown on the terminal and provide a smooth experience for the users. …

Farming KTN has never been this easy, thanks to all users have to do is deposit the KTN/BNB LP into Beefy’s KTN/BNB Vault and Beefy will take care of everything else — automatically collecting earned CAKE, staking it to get more KTN, using that to get more of the LP for you, and back to earning CAKE. Over and over, for maximum yield with zero extra work by the user.

As you may have seen, the KTN token is now a cross-chain token that is available on the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. …

Kattana just made a big move up Mt. Fuji by partnering with PancakeSwap — the #1 AMM for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We mentioned earlier the various benefits of HODLing KTN and here is another one. Our joint farming adventure with PancakeSwap will reward those who undertake the journey by letting them earn KTN or CAKE.

PancakeSwap quickly established itself as the fast and easy-to-use AMM for the fast-growing BSC — the top one by volume. Its farming has been so popular that it quickly became reflected in the price of CAKE. …


Kattana is the trading terminal you have been dreaming of, cutting edge trading tools for Cefi AND Defi enviroments for both pro and beginners.

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