Konichiwa, friends! Ready to climb Mt. Fuji some more with Kattana? We just took our next step up from sea level thanks to our partnership with Gate.io.

Gate.io is a globally popular CEX. It’s in the Top 15 biggest exchanges by volume worldwide. Soon, you will be able to trade on centralized crypto exchanges right from your Kattana terminal. Gate.io jumped at the chance to be one of the first ones to give traders such an opportunity. It’s the first sign of big CEXs wanting to partner with Kattana, with more sure to join us in the not-so-distant future.


The ascent has just begun, but the samurais have already found new partners, we are thrilled to announce that Kattana is now in partnership with SpiderDAO!
Kattana is constantly looking for partnerships and collaborations with other platforms in search of new unique ways to bring value to the community.

Kattana’s partnership with SpiderDAO will enable all community members to take advantage of SpiderDAO’s multi-layered hardware and software tools.

The Unique Kattana and SpiderDAO Distribution Program: Liquidity As Utility (LAU)

All SPDR and KTN token holders will be able to participate in the Liquidity as Utility concept, benefit from the APY, and access SpiderVPN services. The program is a unique opportunity for…


Welcome noble Samurais. Now that you have decided to wield the Kattana, it is time for us to take up the quest of ascending Mount Fuji. It is said that a multitude of tools are hidden in the bushes on the track leading to the top, some of them are big, some smaller but they will certainly ease the climb for the bravest samurais.

Climbing this mountain will help us rise above the DeFi sea and attain true enlightenment. …

We are delighted to announce the future expansion of supported decentralized exchanges on the Kattana trading terminal, on top of DEXs built on the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance smart chain, Kattana users will also have the ability to trade on Elrond’s Maiar Exchange.

Thanks to the amazing Kattana and Elrond partnership more opportunities are opening to both traders using Kattana by having access to the Elrond blockchain and the users of the Maiar DEX will be able to trade through the Kattana terminal.

“The Kattana terminal complements the intuitive and lean experience of the Maiar Exchange with all the…

As you may have heard/seen, to celebrate the integration of the Kattana terminal, into the Dexe.network ecosystem a KTN giveaway has been organized, in which 200 lucky Dexe holders are splitting 5000 KTN tokens, rewarding loyalty, and active participation!

Over these last two weeks:

  • Powerful features have been implemented to the trading terminal, to assure you the most comfortable user experience.
  • A number of partnerships have been secured, and will be announced starting monday.
  • The Dexe and Kattana community have found each other and are spreading the word so that more people are aware of the development of the…

We’re thrilled to announce Kattana’s partnership with Parsiq.net to deliver the best possible data in the fastest amount of time to DeFi traders on multiple blockchain networks.

Part of the reason Kattana’s IDO was so hotly anticipated is due to Kattana’s ability to provide highly accurate data in real-time. But we’re not in the habit of coasting on what Kattana has already achieved everything can always get better. Parsiq’s tremendous blockchain data parsing can give Kattana an even bigger competitive edge.

For traders, there is no such thing as too much data, as long as it can be neatly sorted…

Kattana’s IDO on Polkastarter took place in two pools: POLS and non-POLS. Both pools were bought in an organized manner without any major issues. Once the IDO concluded, KTN was available to freely buy and sell on Uniswap, where it has been successfully trading to this day. KTN is also listed on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Delta, Gate.io, and beyond.

Part of what made Kattana’s IDO and Uniswap listing so successful was the ability to solve the sniping bot problem that’s been plaguing Uniswap listings for months.

As background, using sniping bots to buy up the tokens of a project as soon…

Everything you need to know for tomorrow’s token generation event

With just less than 24 hours left before the KTN IDO on Polkastarter, everything is coming together for possibly the most talked-about token generation event in April.

First of all, huge thanks to the Kattana community for the interest and participation — the whitelist was quickly oversubscribed. For those who made it onto the whitelist, we will try to make this IDO the smoothest experience possible.

We would also like to thank the wonderful Polkastarter community for their support. …

Incredible news to share. Kattana is now part of the DeXe Network ecosystem🔥

It was planned to hold off with partnerships until after KTN Token Sale, but this is not a partnership — Kattana is deeply integrating into DeXe to give DeFi traders the most powerful trading experience imaginable. Dexe Network is a social trading platform and an ecosystem of trading tools from a team with proven social trading success in centralized finance.

Well, that was incredible.🔥
We, of course, know how powerful Kattana is for DeFi traders. Yet, this number was not expected. The Kattana community is the best — thank you for your confidence and your commitment to go on this journey.

Over 100,000 people applied to the whitelist in a very short time span. At the same time, Kattana’s social presence grew just as fast, with over 40,000 new Twitter followers and over 70,000 members in the Kattana Telegram community.

Here is how it will work:

  1. An analysis of the list of applications will be made to filter out the…


Kattana is the trading terminal you have been dreaming of, cutting edge trading tools for Cefi AND Defi enviroments for both pro and beginners.

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