Calling all DEX traders — be Kattana’s beta tester [Closed testing stage]

2 min readOct 1, 2021

Guess what? Kattana is just about ready. Yes, the entire team is super excited — this is what we’ve all been working long hours on. But before we release it to the general public, we’re going to do a closed beta with the true pioneers of DeFi trading.

If you’re the kind of a person to try everything yourself. If you are the one your friends always look to for recommendations. If DeFi and crypto trading gets you more excited than the first snow or the last piece of chocolate. If, when you see something, you definitely say something. If you can find the tiniest details that can be improved in our product like a true detective. If you love breaking products and think you can break Kattana… well, if any of these are you — come be our closed beta tester!

To participate, you need to fulfill just one requirement:

  1. Fill out this form:

Are you ready to be one of the brave samurai to make Kattana 100% market-ready? Don’t hesitate — enroll in the closed beta today!

About Kattana

Kattana actually started its route from CeFi, where it has been running under the radar, providing viable top-grade trading tools that assisted traders in their trading journey. As the crypto market does not stand still and as new Now, Kattana is bringing pro-level graphs and tools to the DeFi market to let anyone trade DeFi like a pro. The Kattana terminal allows users to trade in real-time via over 40 DEXs, with advanced order types and highest-quality charts, and enjoy many other tools previously not even heard of in DeFi.




Kattana is a cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs. Working with Trading Big Data gives users the ability to trade in real-time on a variety of chains.