How the magic happens — looking under the hood of Kattana

At first glance, the Kattana Terminal may seem simple since it’s so easy to use. But under the surface is a complex and powerful machine that takes into account many security and usability considerations for the sake of each user.

Kattana is, therefore, first of all, high-quality data and a protocol that works with them. At the moment, Kattana tracks and records every trade transaction that occurs on ETH (for Uniswap and Sushiswap), on BSC (for PancakeSwap), and on the Polygon Network (for Quickswap and DFyn), which requires massive amounts of data processing. On the ETH network alone, for every 100,000 blocks, Kattana processes 150 million logs.

All this data is processed in real-time and goes directly to the client, where it is transformed into data that can be visualized as a graphic that is easy to read quickly and make the right trading decisions. This ability to make massive amounts of data so easily readable and actionable is our pride here at Kattana. It’s crucial for us to give every user the best tool to make a decision at the moment, without searching for and having to interpret data.

Even though we don’t actually ever touch people’s assets, we make the security and stability systems of the terminal the number one priority. Therefore, absolutely every user working in Kattana has personal and unique access to all the tools of the trading terminal and it does not depend on the actions of other users — the speed and reliability of the system guarantees the safety and accuracy of each element of our services.

Information is only as good as what you can do with it. With the news aggregator from Kattana users won’t need to follow hundreds and thousands of channels, public tweets, and blogs, spending hours sorting through all that to find actionable nuggets of info. With Kattana, just subscribe to the news about your favorite assets and select events that interest you, such as protocol hacks, roadmap changes, information related to products or releases, etc. Our artificial intelligence learns from millions of news and sends only the most relevant (and actionable) news.

Normally, many smart contract interactions are not picked up by data aggregators, leaving users in the dark about the full trading activity of assets. But in Kattana, for the first time ever in crypto, a new recognition/decryption mechanism works with all the existing smart contracts that interact with DEX AMM contracts. This allows users to comprehensively understand all trading events for absolutely every trading pair on the DEXs tracked in Kattana.

Btw, guess what 150152 signifies? Believe it or not, that’s the number of tickers supported by Kattana at the time of this writing, and this amount is growing with each new listing. Can you imagine?

What about DEX events? People buying/selling assets isn’t the only type of DEX activity worth following. In Kattana, there is a special algorithm that is configured to track certain events taking place on DEXs, such as: adding liquidity (creating new pairs), taking away liquidity, and much more. Thanks to Kattana notifications, each user will be aware of every significant change in the trading pair that he is tracking within the platform and will be able to operate with more data than merely trades.

As massive as our processing operation already is, we are constantly scaling the supported networks in Kattana and supported DEXs since the main concept is still the creation of a one-stop platform. At the end of the day, a Kattana user will know that they don’t need to leave Kattana to trade on a different blockchain network or DEX because this is the one place to trade it all.

And all of this is just the beta version of the Kattana trading terminal, which is being finalized before launch. Very soon, everyone will have access to the first public version of it and see for themselves what a well-designed DeFi trading terminal can do.

Our entire team is working long hours to make it happen as soon as possible, just want to make it the best terminal possible and test, test, test. Because we’re extremely serious about security and want to help you make the best possible use of your trading time.

Along with the launch of the terminal, we have many updates for you, including the new site,, which showcases just how revolutionary Kattana is (so check it out). Of course, we also have new events for community members and KTN token holders to enjoy.

So stay tuned, share this news with your friends, write to us in the chat, and subscribe to the official social networks of Kattana. We have a fun road ahead.

About Kattana

Kattana actually started its route from CeFi, where it has been running under the radar, providing viable top-grade trading tools that assisted traders in their trading journey. As the crypto market does not stand still and as new Now, Kattana is bringing pro-level graphs and tools to the DeFi market to let anyone trade DeFi like a pro. The Kattana terminal allows users to trade in real-time via over 40 DEXs, with advanced order types and highest-quality charts, and enjoy many other tools previously not even heard of in DeFi.

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Kattana is a cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs. Working with Trading Big Data gives users the ability to trade in real-time on a variety of chains.

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Kattana is a cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs. Working with Trading Big Data gives users the ability to trade in real-time on a variety of chains.

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