Kattana becomes the crown jewel of the Dexe ecosystem

ncredible news to share. Kattana is now part of the DeXe Network ecosystem🔥

It was planned to hold off with partnerships until after KTN Token Sale, but this is not a partnership — Kattana is deeply integrating into DeXe to give DeFi traders the most powerful trading experience imaginable. Dexe Network is a social trading platform and an ecosystem of trading tools from a team with proven social trading success in centralized finance. And now, working together as one ecosystem, Kattana will be not just the Trading terminal of DeFi but the all-in-one solution for anything and everything in DeFi trading.

celebrate this integration, Kattana will do a giveaway of KTN to DeXe community in which 200 winners will split 5,000 KTN tokens, rewarding loyalty, and active participation. So even if you didn’t get into the whitelist, this is your chance for — free — KTN. It may be a good idea (hint hint) to join the Dexe community now in order to participate in the giveaway and learn more about their trading ecosystem. To participate in the giveaway, fill out the Google Form with all the rules and make sure to hold at least 10 DEXE in your wallet. Read the full rules here [Here].

Dexe already has tools on the market to make social trading interesting for everyone. And their main platform is going to connect traders and investors into pools where investors can see exactly how successful the trader is and can control which asset the trader is allowed to trade with. This level of transparency and responsibility is great for both traders and investors but does put more pressure on the trader to perform.

And this is exactly where the Kattana trading terminal fits in perfectly into the Dexe universe — to give traders that use Dexe’s platform the best tools in the industry so that every trader can really shine. They can use the charts and do market analysis to spot opportunities and then put their strategy into action at the speed of light, all thanks to this amazing partnership the platforms will join forces to be the go-to mega-tool for DeFi traders.

Kattana’s CEO, Ilya Demydonok, noticed that “Dexe really understands traders and gives them a platform to use their skills, which is exactly what Kattana is doing too. Imagine how much help can be brought for traders as one ecosystem!”

oth Kattana and the Dexe Network have strong communities of traders who are committed to DeFi while also wanting to have the highest-quality tools they’ve come to expect from traditional finance. Between Kattana’s terminal and Dexe’s investment platform, a large gap is filled in DeFi trading and the traders can now go to work showing the world what they can do, what DeFi can do. That’s why the two projects had to join forces — it’s the perfect marriage of top DeFi trading tools that work even better together.

DeXe Network’s Co-Founder, Dmitriy Kotliarov agrees: “Dexe is always looking for collaborations, but Kattana is such an obvious fit for the network that it was necessary to jump at the chance to integrate Kattana.”

It’s going to be fascinating to watch top traders with the best tools doing what they do best — with full transparency and supported by a back-end custom-built for DeFi by Kattana and Dexe, now together as one powerful offering.

About Kattana

Kattana actually started its route from CeFi, where it has been running under the radar, providing viable top-grade trading tools that assisted traders in their trading journey. As the crypto market does not stand still and as new Now, Kattana is bringing pro-level graphs and tools to the DeFi market to let anyone trade DeFi like a pro. The Kattana terminal allows users to trade in real-time via over 40 DEXs, with advanced order types and highest-quality charts, and enjoy many other tools previously not even heard of in DeFi.

About DeXe

Dexe.network is a decentralized social trading platform that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for virtual currency allocation and automatic rebalancing. It eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders and followers in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both groups.

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Kattana is a cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs. Working with Trading Big Data gives users the ability to trade in real-time on a variety of chains.

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Kattana is a cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs. Working with Trading Big Data gives users the ability to trade in real-time on a variety of chains.